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How to fix EAC

Easy Anti-Cheat Fix

Providing you, our loyal users, with the best possible CS:GO experience means we want to provide you with a cheat free environment. At the moment this means enabling EAC on ALL games.

If you encounter the following error

“Forbidden kernel modification detected”

follow these steps to resolve it:

Step 1: Open a command prompt console (cmd) by pressing windows key + R, typing cmd and hitting enter

Step 2: Type the following commands separately:
wusa /uninstall /kb:4494441
wusa /uninstall /kb:4495667
Step 3: Restart your computer

Step 4: You might want to disable auto updates to prevent these updates from being reinstalled by following the instructions in the link below.



For EAC installation issues please refer to this article:

If you are still having issues do not hesitate to contact our support staff

Discord –

Email –

Demolition Time


We are pleased to announce a new type of tournament for all those who enjoy playing in more competitive situations. The chosen mode is 3v3 as an alternative 5v5 competitive and 2v2 wingman. It will be FREE to enter and the prize pool is set at 1,000 coins. The maps pool is consisted of single bomb-site from the demolition map pool (check below). Teams of 3 can join as well as solo players. One daily cup will be created in the beginning with 32 team slots available.


Mode – 3v3

Rounds – Best of 16

Teams – 32

Map Pool – de_safehouse || de_shorttrain || de_bank || de_sugarcane || de_stmarc || de_lake

Entry Fee – FREE

Prize Pool – 1,000 coins

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Join Today

PvPRO Store Update

PvPRO Store Update

A new update has landed on the PvPRO store!

Starting January 9th, 2019, every user can use our restocked store and buy cs:go skins that cover all price ranges.

To reward our loyal users we are introducing a 25€/month cap in market purchases. There are some ways to increase your cap:

1. Logging in every month rewards you with a + 25€ increase in your cap. These rewards stack, meaning that if you didn’t spend last month’s 25€, next month you will have a cap of 50€ and so on.

2. Selling your items at the PvPRO store. Selling your items on our store drives up your cap depending on the price of the sold item. For example, selling a skin that costs 1€ will increase your cap by 1€.

3. When you deposit money in our site to buy coins your cap will increase as much as the money spent. For example, depositing 10€ will increase your cap by 10€.

What are you waiting for? Trade your unwanted skins and upgrade your inventory.

Cobblestone Update

Cobblestone Update

The changes made to Cobblestone for Halloween have remained – apart from the ambiance and Halloween themed decorations!

Try it out on the PvPRO servers – Enjoy!

Tips & tricks coming soon!

New maps in Matchmaking

New Maps in Competitive Matchmaking

With Biome and Subzero only a few weeks old in Casual game mode, they have now been moved to competitive matchmaking. Austria had already been added 3 weeks ago with the same update.

You can now try all 3 of them on PvPRO servers – Enjoy!




Tips & tricks coming soon!

The Dragon Lore Story

The most iconic skin of Counter-Strike!

The most famous and expensive weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the AWP | Dragon Lore. We all know and cherish this beautiful skin, but what is the story behind it and why is it so expensive?

Dragon Lore is the only Covert drop of “The Cobblestone Collection” case. The said collection only has 1 Classified and 2 Restricted quality items as well, making it even more difficult to drop the AWP, which is part of why the item is so expensive. The Cobblestone Collection was introduced when the Breakout Operation was launched on July 1st, 2014.

How difficult is it to drop a Dragon Lore?

With a few calculations, the drop chance of Dragon Lore is about 0,0004% from each case, which is already by itself extremely low, but you also need to have the actual case to open, right? To get the case you have to watch a map of Cobblestone being played on a Major tournament, and the chance of getting the drop varies between 1-2%, as it depends on the amount of viewers and the drops that will actually be made.

The price is also affected by the wear of the drop, which is another factor to take into account. Below you can see how common the different wear levels are:

So considering all of these factors you can tell that dropping an AWP | Dragon Lore feels pretty much like winning the lottery!

The Dragon Lore artwork has been immortalised in the Cobblestone map as a wall art, since it has been inevitably connected with it. And for the ones that want to take it a step further, below you can also find the TGA files of the artwork!

The price of the ultimate skin!

To close out, here’s the price fluctuation graph of the most expensive weapon in CS:GO (DLore FN), since it first appeared on the marketplace. Wish you had bought it when it first came out? 😀

World Cup Celebrations

World Cup Celebrations

This Summer – Join the World Cup Madness at

Total Prizes of more than 500.000 PvPRO Coins!

The football fever that is the World Cup has caught with us and we wanted to share our excitement about this magnificent event with you; our community. We have always felt that gaming is more about fun and entertainment than just competitive play, hence we want to offer you a way to celebrate Football without having to leave the server.

  • 2x Daily Cups (2v2)

  • 1x League

  • Giveaways

The celebrations will start on Wednesday June 20th (it’s a bit late, we know) with our FREE World Cup Madness Tournaments running every day until the Grand Finals on July 15th. These special tournaments will feature a unique map, designed after a football pitch, but with the proper respect to your game play. A total prize pool of 500,000 coins is reserved for these mini tournaments and a month-long league.

Join Tournament

The Stadium Map

Protect Your Game

EAC is coming at!

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is cheating? Do you wish there were more ways to counter them? We are here for you!

Ensuring a fair play is our top priority here at PvPRO. In order to further enhance our services and in addition to our Server-Sided Anti-Cheat we are happy to announce that we are rolling out Easy Anti-Cheat on our servers. Some months ago we made a promise:

In the beginning, it will be a requirement for all tournaments before it gradually becomes a requirement for every single game played at the PvPRO servers.

And now the time has come to fulfil this promise!

Our commitment to excellent service and a cheat-free environment is strong. As a result, effective immediately, Easy Anti-Cheat is required for every game, in any mode, that you play at PvPRO.

What is Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC)?

EAC is a program that runs on your computer and checks for known cheats or scripts. It is the world’s leading third party (external) anti-cheat program.

How to install EAC?

Step 1: Click on ‘Launch EAC’ in the top menu

Step 2: It will automatically start or prompt you to install via Steam. Once it’s ready, it will pop up in the lower right of your Windows bar.

EAC is now ready and connected. You can start CS:GO.

Important note: You have to start EAC before you start CS:GO or EAC will not work. EAC is only available for Windows.

If you encounter the following error

“Forbidden kernel modification detected”

Please refer to this article:

If you are having issues with EAC please refer to the FAQ section on their website.

P2P Trading FAQ

P2P Trading FAQ


How does the P2P Trading System work?

Please refer to this blog post for a more detailed explanation. For any questions you may send an email at

Who can use the P2P store?

You need to have played at least 5 games on PvPRO to be able to list items for sale and / or buy items from the store.

What are the penalties for abusing the P2P trade system?

Users who attempt to scam and/or abuse the trading and dispute system (sellers and buyers) will receive 1 year trade ban and / or permanent bans from PvPRO. We strongly recommend keeping screenshots of your steam trades.

Are my coins protected?

Yes all transactions are guaranteed by PvPRO!


When will I receive my item?

Seller has up to 24 hours to send you the trade offer.

Can I change my mind?

Refunds are not available so once you have purchased an item you cannot request a refund. A refund will be provided if the seller cancels the item listing before sending you trade offer.

What happens if the seller sent me the wrong item?

You can initiate a dispute which will block the trade while we look into it. After a manual investigation we will confirm that the seller sent the wrong item.  You will be given a full coin refund and the seller will be trade banned for 1 year. Wrongly initiated disputes will result in a trade ban for you.

What happens if the seller did not send me a trade offer?

If the seller indicated that he sent a trade offer but did not, you can initiate a dispute which will block the trade while we look into it. After a manual investigation we will confirm that the seller sent the wrong item.  You will be given a full coin refund and the seller will be trade banned for 1 year. Wrongly initiated disputes will result in a trade ban.


How do I list my skins?

You can easily list all your skins for sale here AND keep them in your inventory AND use them until the very last minute!

What items can I list for sale?

You can list all CS:GO skins except stickers, souvenir skins, cs:go cases and music kits. Only non-tradelocked will be available to be listed.

How many items can I list for sale?

You can list as many items as you want for sale. Sky’s the limit!

Can I change my mind and remove the item from the store?

Of course! You may remove the item and the best part is that since you never sent it to us no trade lock has been applied!

Can I change the price for my item?

Of course! You may update the price for your item at any time from your store sales page.

When will I receive my coins?

You will receive your coins once the buyer has confirmed receipt of the item. The buyer has 24 hours to confirm or the sale will be finalised automatically.

My item was purchased but I don’t have it anymore?

Once your item is purchased we will send you a notification. If you do not have the skin anymore you can cancel the sale by clicking on cancel sale. Note that abusing the cancel sale will result in ban points that will hurt your seller score.

You sent the correct item but the buyer opened a dispute

After a manual investigation we will confirm that you did in fact send the correct item and finalise the transaction. You will receive the sale coins and the buyer will be trade banned for 1 year for attempting to abuse the system.

The buyer accepted the trade offer but did not confirm receipt.

The buyer has 24 hours to confirm receipt of item or the sale will be finalised automatically and you will receive your coins.

Player to Player Trading


Are you tired of waiting for a whole week to get your skin?
Do you want to sell your skin but still be able to play with it until the last minute?
Do you want to turn your skins into cash?

We are happy to introduce you to the Player to Player Trade System! A new way to trade your favourite skins and/or turn them into real cash!

  1. List your skins for sale and keep them in your inventory
  2. Play with them until the last minute
  3. No more trade-locks
  4. 10% Sales Commission (5% for premium users)
  5. Cash out your coins or use to purchase a different item.

How does it work?


Rejoice! You can now list your skin for sale but still be able to play with it until the very last minute!

Select your desired price, our system will verify that you own the skin and list it for you on our platform, without taking it away from you. This means that you can change your mind without risking a trade-lock!

Once another user purchases your item we will provide you with his trade link. You will then have 48 hours to send the correct item. Once the buyer confirms receipt you will be credited with the sale amount less commission fees.

Sellers must have Steam Mobile Guard Authenticator for at least 14 days in order to list skins for sale.

IMPORTANT: If you send the wrong item or do not send the trade offer you will receive a trade ban of up to 1 year.


Oh look, you found the skin you always wanted at this sweet price, how great! The awesome news is you don’t have to wait 8 days as the entire process can take up to 24 hours.

The seller has 48 hours to send you a trade offer. Once he sends you the trade offer, all you have to do is accept it, confirm receipt and enjoy your new skin!

You may initiate a dispute claim if:

  1. The seller has not sent a trade offer or
  2. The item sent does not match the one you purchased

If you initiate a dispute for no evident reason you will receive a trade ban of up to 1 year.

What items are available to list?

Every item that is not currently trade-locked is eligible to get listed. This means that cheap skins are back! The starting price is set at 30 PvPRO coins meaning that you can easily purchase a new skin every day by completing your daily missions.

What are the penalties and how am I protected?

All trades are guaranteed by PvPRO! Each dispute case will be handled manually by our support team. Trade bans of up to 1 year will be handed to anyone attempting to abuse the system.

Questions? We’re always here for you! Check our FAQs or send us an email at