Experience four days of immense action between 19 - 23 Feb, with the Sliverlympics 2018!

Sliverlympics 2018 kick off on the 19th of February at PvPRO.com, powered by Sliver.tv. The event will span across 5 days, with the first day being “The Pistol Round” where you will test your Deagle skills. Each kill will award you with one point in this daily ladder, so you better practise these one-deags of yours. The Pistol Round will be a 2v2 event, and the winners will receive Pistol skins as well as similar PvPRO cases.

On the second day things are getting more serious, as we’ve got “The Buy Rounds” which will be tournaments featuring the all-time favourite AK-47. Once again every kill awards you with 1 point but things will be harder as this is a 3v3 event. The winners are bound to earn some AK-47 skins as well as akin cases.

Now that you are warmed up for day 3 and “Clutch Time”, it’s time to prove your worth. Compete in this 1v1 standoff and climb the leaderboard for every AWP kill you snatch. Once again winners will receive AWP themed skins and cases.

Join the action!

The above tournaments are going to feature 32 slots and will start once every hour. In case you want to go big and maximise your point accumulation we’ve got you covered. Apart from the above tournaments, you will also be able to earn points by playing in the respective themed modes that will be running these days. Each day you can play as many games as you wish between 13:00 and 23:00, CET for the European competitors and PST for the Americas ones.

After the three days full of action and a spare day to rest, the main Sliverlympics 2018 event is taking place; a 5v5 competitive tournament featuring all of your favourite Sliver.tv streamers. Each of them will patron a team and will try to lead it to the stars winning the whole event. The top finishers are going to also get, apart from the prestige and the bragging rights, credits for giveaways for their own followers.

Don’t miss the chance to write history! Reward your game at PvPRO.com!