Battle Pass

One of the features that are introduced today on PvPRO’s “New Era” is the Battle Pass!

Each Battle Pass – yes that means we will introduce more after this one is done and dusted, will contain 4 series of missions, introduced every week. A new Battle Pass will be available every month. Every week, starting in the 1st of each month, you will get 6 new missions. These STACK. Meaning, you will have all uncompleted missions available for the rest of the Battle Pass Duration. Every Battle Pass – and its missions, will be available until the end of the respective month. You will find them, along with our daily/weekly missions on the bottom left side.

The one for September, which you can buy here right now will last until September 30th.

You can either use 5.000 coins or 60.000 crystals to buy it. The reward structure is built in such a way that if you successfully complete the whole pass you can purchase the next one without needing any more crystals and still have plenty left over to use in the crystal store, as the total rewards amount to 80.000 crystals. So, bring along some friends, and good luck on completing all these missions!

See you in the server!