Let’s celebrate Christmas together at PvPRO!

We’ve got some exciting events planned this season and we can’t wait to share them with you. Let’s start straight away, with our main 5v5 event, Santa’s Army, featuring gear prizes for the top finishers!

You can qualify for Santa’s Army Finals, by being a finalist in one of the qualifiers that will be running from 26 – 29 of December. The qualifiers will take place twice a day, once in 13:00 GMT and once in 17:00 GMT. The finals are bound to take place on December 30 at 14:00 GMT. The prize pool distribution is as follows.

Prizes: (SteelSeries Hardware)

1st: 5x Mouse Rival 110 & 5x Mousepad QCK+
2nd: 5x Keyboard Apex 100
3rd – 4th: 5x Mousepad QCK+
5th – 8th : 10.000 Coins
9th – 16th : 2.500 Coins

Up next we have our special 2v2 event, Rudolf’s Revenge, that will be running between 22 Dec and Jan 1st. This is a daily tournament, played on our themed snowy maps, featuring 64 teams and a 4,000 coins prize pool.

Have an additional friend? The 3 Wizards got you covered. It’s our special 3v3 event that will also be played on our themed snowy maps and feature a 4,000 coins prize pool, but it’s going to feature 32 teams instead.

Not a tournament guy? Don’t worry about it, our regular giveaways are now themed with even better skins, so join and win the games, in order to enter the draw. These are daily, weekly and monthly ones, worth over 1,000€ in total this season.

Also for those who like to try their luck even more, we’ve got three special Christmas cases; Frozen costing 200 coins, Christmas Special costing 5,000 coins and a special case dropped when you complete the corresponding mission.

PvPRO wishes you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Enjoy!