Be the king of your region!

Prove yourself every week at PvPRO! Compete against other players, from your country region, win coins and get the chance to represent your own country in the European Grand Finals.

How are the countries in the Regional Leagues divided?

There are 16 leagues in total, with the most active country communities having a league on their own. You are automatically assigned to the League your country is participating, as seen below:

Each League is divided into 8 groups of 1000 players. Only public games played between 11:00 – 23:00 GMT are considered valid and the max number of games that are going to be counted is 50.

How do I participate?

In the Regional Leagues you are automatically registered every time the League starts, as long as you have played a minimum of 10 games overall in PvPRO.
The top 4 players in each of the League’s groups are awarded with a ticket for the Regional Cup.
Winning the Regional Cup will hand you the precious ticket for the European Grand Finals.

When are all these happening?

The Regional Leagues run from Monday to Friday, the Regional Cups are played on Saturday at 16:00 GMT and the European Grand Finals are on Sunday at 16:00 GMT, so you get a full week of CS:GO action.

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