We are pleased to announce a new type of tournament for all those who enjoy playing in more competitive situations. The chosen mode is 3v3 as an alternative 5v5 competitive and 2v2 wingman. It will be FREE to enter and the prize pool is set at 1,000 coins. The maps pool is consisted of single bomb-site from the demolition map pool (check below). Teams of 3 can join as well as solo players. One daily cup will be created in the beginning with 32 team slots available.


Mode – 3v3

Rounds – Best of 16

Teams Р32

Map Pool – de_safehouse || de_shorttrain || de_bank || de_sugarcane || de_stmarc || de_lake

Entry Fee – FREE

Prize Pool – 1,000 coins

Give it a try and let us know what you think!

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