Discord Level Rewards

Our Discord server is getting more and more active and we want to reward our loyal members by introducing the Level Rewards System!

So for every post you make on any channel in the PvPRO Discord server, you get a random amount of XP between 15 and 25. To avoid flood, you can only gain XP once per minute. As your levels increase we have designed some special rewards for you and each milestone you reach, which can be seen below.

Make sure you have completed the Games Played requirement for each level.

Note that we reserve the right to change the rewards & requirements at any point in time.

LevelRewardRequirement (Games Played)
Level 105010
Level 2015020
Level 2525050Role Reward1 Month PvPRO Premium
Level 301,25070
Level 404,50085
Level 507,500100Role Reward3 Month PvPRO Premium
Level 6025,000150
Level 7045,000200
Level 7550,000400Role Reward6 Month PvPRO Premium
Level 8075,000600
Level 90100,000800
Level 100250,0001000Role Reward1 Year PvPRO Premium

In the #commands channel you can type !rank to get your rank and your level, once per day! You can also see the leaderboards in the following link – PvPRO Discord Leaderboards

Before venturing into the server, please make sure to read the #welcome rules as breaking those rules could result in a mute/ban. Keep in mind that posts made for the sole purpose of earning XP, will be deleted and violators will have their rank reset.

So what are you waiting for? Join us now!