How to join a League of Legends Game

How to get the Tournament code?

Each game lobby has an assigned tournament code. This eliminates the need for you to create a custom game. It can be found at the bottom of the game lobby as shown below.

You can copy the Tournament Code, enter the League of Legends client and paste the code, as shown below:

  1. Copy tournament code
  2. Enter the League of Legends client
  3. Click play
  4. Click the trophy icon in the upper right to enter the tournament code
  5. Paste the tournament code and click join


  • Starting the game without your opponent will result in a loss.
  • Starting the game without all players will result in a loss.
  • Starting the game in the wrong team will result in a loss for both teams.
  • Left side in the PvPRO game lobby is team 1 in League of Legends game lobby (Blue side in-game).

Contact an admin:

If you are having issues starting your game due to absent teammates / opponents contact our dedicated LoL support on our discord server by clicking the following button. Do not attempt to start and finish the game as this will result in an automatic loss.

Contact LoL Support