Marketplace Rules - How to avoid getting banned

As we enter into a new era for PvPRO, we wanted to be clear about the rules regarding trading. In this post, we will go over some offences that lead to termporary or permanent bans and a couple of important clarifications.

1) Posting overpriced items for sale

During the past few months we’ve noted that a lot of players posting items, mainly dota2 items, that had their price manipulated in Steam Market. Since we can’t control Steam Market and its median prices, we will instantly ban anyone posting such an item in our market. Even if you bought it from someone else first (they get banned too), you have to be responsible for what you are posting, so it is not essentially a scam attempt. Ban duration will vary: it may begin with a 1-month ban leading to permanent market or sitewide ban.

2) Declining offers

We’ve spotted a lot of users that straight up decline a lot of offers for no apparent reason. Abusing this will lead to bans from 1 month, escalating when a user keeps on declining offers. If, for some reason, you had to decline a trade, please edit the screenshots with text stating the reason. Abusing this can also result to escalating bans.

3) Not posting screenshots in disputes

This is two-faced problem:

a) Buyer dispute trades with wrong screenshots. That means not the 4 we require but either random ones or the same ones in all 4 slots. That will be a bannable offence from now on, since essentially this slows down the whole process immensely. There will be lighter penalties, but they will escalate when repeated.

b) Seller doesn’t send screenshots or sends wrong ones. This is the other side of the same coin. Sometimes sellers send the items but forget to provide screenshots because they sell a lot or just forget. That leads to an important clarification:

4) Sellers have the burden of proof regarding sent items

When our support team looks through disputes, the fastest way to earn your coins is to have provided a simple screenshot showing that you sent the correct item to the buyer. If, for example, you have sent multiple similar items, we will need to have different screenshots for all the items. If you failed to send the item, for whatever reason, providing a screenshot showing that you actually sent the item but it was, e.g. unavailable, will help your case. Which, again, leads to our next point of today’s blog:

5) Sellers are responsible for sending all items

Although mistakes can – and will – happen, sellers have the obligation to send out all items correctly. Meaning, if you sell multiple similar items, you have to be careful to send a different item to each buyer. Repeated offences will lead to bans, escalating as further offences occur. Building a reputation of a good seller, amongst admins and users alike, will greatly help your task.

6) You are responsible for what you are buying or selling

This is the last, but not least, point of today’s blog. It is connected with our first point as well, as far as selling is concerned. When you buy an item and you agree to pay a certain amount to the seller, it’s your responsibility to check if the price matches the item’s current Steam value or if it’s what you actually want to buy. Same goes for sellers, as we pointed out in point 1. Just because we provide a price, it doesn’t mean it accounts for Steam Market manipulations or outdated prices. We are going to be a lot stricter going forward, especially with new users. If you think a price doesn’t match the item please send us a detailed e-mail at

Closing words

Here in PvPRO we are commited in making P2P trading a fast and enjoyable experience. With these updated rules we are attempting to crack down on those users who hinder this experience. Don’t hesitate to send feedback/suggestions on the system as a whole at, or if you have any issues regarding trading.

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See you in the server!