Are you tired of waiting for a whole week to get your skin?
Do you want to sell your skin but still be able to play with it until the last minute?
Do you want to turn your skins into cash?

We are happy to introduce you to the Player to Player Trade System! A new way to trade your favourite skins and/or turn them into real cash!

  1. List your skins for sale and keep them in your inventory
  2. Play with them until the last minute
  3. No more trade-locks
  4. 10% Sales Commission (5% for premium users)
  5. Cash out your coins or use to purchase a different item.

How does it work?


Rejoice! You can now list your skin for sale but still be able to play with it until the very last minute!

Select your desired price, our system will verify that you own the skin and list it for you on our platform, without taking it away from you. This means that you can change your mind without risking a trade-lock!

Once another user purchases your item we will provide you with his trade link. You will then have 48 hours to send the correct item. Once the buyer confirms receipt you will be credited with the sale amount less commission fees.

Sellers must have Steam Mobile Guard Authenticator for at least 14 days in order to list skins for sale.

IMPORTANT: If you send the wrong item or do not send the trade offer you will receive a trade ban of up to 1 year.


Oh look, you found the skin you always wanted at this sweet price, how great! The awesome news is you don’t have to wait 8 days as the entire process can take up to 24 hours.

The seller has 48 hours to send you a trade offer. Once he sends you the trade offer, all you have to do is accept it, confirm receipt and enjoy your new skin!

You may initiate a dispute claim if:

  1. The seller has not sent a trade offer or
  2. The item sent does not match the one you purchased

If you initiate a dispute for no evident reason you will receive a trade ban of up to 1 year.

What items are available to list?

Every item that is not currently trade-locked is eligible to get listed. This means that cheap skins are back! The starting price is set at 30 PvPRO coins meaning that you can easily purchase a new skin every day by completing your daily missions.

What are the penalties and how am I protected?

All trades are guaranteed by PvPRO! Each dispute case will be handled manually by our support team. Trade bans of up to 1 year will be handed to anyone attempting to abuse the system.

Questions? We’re always here for you! Check our FAQs or send us an email at