PvPRO New Era

The first half of 2019 has proved to be the most difficult time for PvPRO. Today marks a new and exciting era for PvPRO.

New currency

PvPRO strives to provide the best possible service to you. Therefore, we have decided to create a secondary “currency” that will reward engagement with PvPRO at a faster rate allowing those of you that are committed to the cause to grind your way to the best prizes faster than before.

The secondary currency is called Crystal and will be rewarded to you as you win single games, complete missions as well as in most tournaments and leagues. It cannot be purchased or transferred to another user.

You will be able to purchase exclusive items on our store using your accumulated crystals such as Mission Packs, CS:GO cases, Hardware, Skins (CS:GO & DOTA 2), Merchandise and Gift Cards.

You will also be able to use your Crystals to enter specific Tournaments and/or Leagues that will in turn provide even more crystals and allow you to grind your way to the big prizes (Laptops – Gaming Monitors).

All the above is great but what happens to my PvPRO coin balance?

All the unspent coins that would have been rewarded today as crystals have been converted to crystals. This includes coins from giveaways, leagues, missions and games. Coins that have been created through cash deposits & market sales, completing surveys and/or quests, referrals remain PvPRO coins.

Note that all coin-to-crystal conversions are final and non-revocable.

Store is Back

The store has been re-enabled as we renew our cooperation with Lootbear bringing you thousands of skins at every price range.

What’s more, we have increased the 25.000 coin per month limit per user to 100.000 coins.

Sell your unwanted skins at the marketplace, top-up your balance and get the skin you always wanted!

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Ask and you shall receive! You asked for cases and we have delivered. PvPRO cases are back at multiple price ranges.

We have also created cases exclusively purchasable with crystals. So no need to feel left out if you don’t have any coins 🙂

Upgrade your inventory

Battle Pass

We have created a series of missions split into 4 weeks which will form the basis of our monthly engagement bonus. It can be purchased at the Store for Crystals or Coins.

The reward structure is built in such a way that if you successfully complete the whole pass you can purchase the next one without needing any more crystals and still have plenty left over to use in the crystal store.

Each week a new series of missions is unlocked. All missions run in parallel and will run for the duration of the whole month.

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