Our reporting system has been upgraded!

At PvPRO we love to constantly upgrade things and take them a step further, so the reporting system was next for us. With this update we see the !votehack command, as well as other similar ones, no longer being available, but instead we are introducing a brand new system, available to you after you finish playing each game. Let’s see it step by step!

When the game ends and you are headed back to the platform, you will see the end-game interface and at the bottom right a button called “Game Feedback”.

Clicking that button will bring you in a new window displaying options to Report teammates or enemies, as well as Game Server issues.

You can select multiple options and the available ones for Game Server related issues are:

  • High Ping/Lag
  • Choke
  • Packet Loss
  • Bad Matchmaking

In case you experienced any of the above issues you can just select them and our developer team will take a look into it and find the best solution.

Similarly, you can report the rest of the players in that game by clicking one or more reasons among:

  • Cheating
  • Smurfing
  • Negative Attitude
  • Hate Speech
  • Intentional Feeding
  • Leaver / AFK

Once again selecting one or more of the above will get your report handed to our support team in order to investigate and take any further actions.

When you are done with everything you wanted to report, just click “Send Feedback” and our aforementioned teams will investigate the issue. These reports will help us maintain a clean and friendly community and the best matchmaking experience in the industry.

Looking forward to your feedback! Thank you!