Prime Verification

Here in PvPRO, we work every day towards providing the best possible experience for our users.

Following Valve’s decision to make CS:GO free, we’ve had an influx of new users, only to get banned for Hacking just a few days or even hours later. Since we are gamers as well, we understand how frustrating it can be playing a game versus someone that has unfair advantage over you.

We waited a bit before making any decision regarding prime status, in order to gather more data and see what will benefit most our loyal and legit users. As a result, we’ve decided to introduce Prime status for PvPRO accounts; users who have Prime accounts (in CS:GO) can verify their status by clicking this button in the following in-site text:

If you don’t see this message, either you already have prime status or there is a techincal issue. If the latter is the case contact our support at We will be happy to help you ASAP. Please note that if you don’t have Prime Status at CS:GO, you can’t get Prime Status at PvPRO.

If you cannot connect through the button shown above you may use this IP:

connect;password 602a4d0a586898884a79a14efe8d1855

Prime Benefits

Verifying your prime status will give you access to a lot of features that are prime-only:

  • Can join tournaments.
  • Can join leagues.
  • Access to all available missions.
  • Future prime-only queues.

More exciting features coming soon!

Non-Prime users can still play in our site, but won’t have access to a lot of features that make PvPRO unique and an enjoyable experience. We will introduce prime-exclusive queues in the future as well. In addition with Easy Anti-Cheat, we are hoping hacking players will plummet to the least possible amount. Our moderator team is also working hard around the clock trying to investigate suspects and make PvPRO the best possible experience.

See you in the server!