EAC is coming at PvPRO.com!

Have you ever had the feeling that someone is cheating? Do you wish there were more ways to counter them? We are here for you!

Ensuring a fair play is our top priority here at PvPRO. In order to further enhance our services and in addition to our Server-Sided Anti-Cheat we are happy to announce that we are rolling out Easy Anti-Cheat on our servers.

In the beginning, it will be a requirement for all tournaments before it gradually becomes a requirement for every single game played at the PvPRO servers.

What is Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC)?

EAC is a program that runs on your computer and checks for known cheats or scripts. It is the world’s leading third party (external) anti-cheat program.

How to install EAC?

Step 1: Click on ‘Launch EAC’ in the top menu

Step 2: It will automatically start or prompt you to install via Steam. Once it’s ready, it will pop up in the lower right of your Windows bar.

EAC is now ready and connected. You can start CS:GO.

Important note: You have to start EAC before you start CS:GO or EAC will not work. EAC is only available for Windows.

If you are having issues with EAC please refer to the FAQ section on their website.