PvPRO Store Update

A new update has landed on the PvPRO store!

Starting January 9th, 2019, every user can use our restocked store and buy cs:go skins that cover all price ranges.

To reward our loyal users we are introducing a 25€/month cap in market purchases. There are some ways to increase your cap:

1. Logging in every month rewards you with a + 25€ increase in your cap. These rewards stack, meaning that if you didn’t spend last month’s 25€, next month you will have a cap of 50€ and so on.

2. Selling your items at the PvPRO store. Selling your items on our store drives up your cap depending on the price of the sold item. For example, selling a skin that costs 1€ will increase your cap by 1€.

3. When you deposit money in our site to buy coins your cap will increase as much as the money spent. For example, depositing 10€ will increase your cap by 10€.

What are you waiting for? Trade your unwanted skins and upgrade your inventory.