PvPRO Trading Update

Dear users,

Due to the latest update on the CS:GO trading system, there have been multiple issues on every skin-trading website. Sadly, we cannot change the decision taken by Valve on the matter. At PvPRO we do everything in our power to offer you a seamless and safe trading experience, trying to find alternative ways to deliver your items. Unfortunately, this usually comes with some trouble that will inevitably affect you (our users) as well, but adjusting to a new situation always takes some time.

We are working on and evaluating various solutions in order to build a stable and fast trading system. One of them, as you may have noticed, is to offer you Steam Gift Cards in exchange for your coins. By accepting one of these cards, you will be able to buy any skin you want from the Steam Community Market instantly, without having to wait for seven days.

In case you don’t want to take the above option, then your item might be placed in your PvPRO inventory for up to 7 days, until the trade lock is over. You will receive a service notification when the item is available to be traded to your Steam account and the transaction will be normally processed.

If a trade offer is cancelled then you receive a coin refund for it. In order to avoid any further delays, please make sure you have a valid trade link, your account is not under any trade restrictions and that it is also set to public. Finally note that if you recently added a Steam Mobile Authenticator, then you have to wait for 15 days from the moment you attached it to your account, to be able to trade again. Accounts without an authenticator are not able to trade on our site, for security reasons. If you have done all of the above and it’s still not working, create a new trade link and replace it with the old one.

We are delighted to inform you that in the immediate future, we will be able to offer you even more ways to trade your coins for valuable goods. This includes but is not limited to: tradeables from other games (such as DotA 2 or PUBG), merchandise, gaming peripherals and game titles. We have already implemented the option to trade your coins for Riot Points, which you can use in the League of Legends game, so we are a step closer to that.

With all that said, we do have in our “to-do” list many more additional amazing features, that we are sure you’ll be hyped for. First and foremost, being a competitive platform designed for you to show and reward your skills, PvPRO focuses on the competitive side of games. To improve that experience, we have been working on a client-side Anti-Cheat program for the past few months which will be ready for release once we are assured that the outcome is flawless. Furthermore, we are actively working on bringing back something you have been requesting for a while, the League of Legends platform. Last but not least, we have also reached out to publishers and are working with APIs so as to add more game titles to enrich your gaming experience.

While these are some of the main features we are developing, we are constantly trying to improve your experience on our platform with changes you may not always be able to see. These vary from artistic changes, to modifications on the MMR and Reputation systems. Our developers are working round-the-clock to deliver these features and we are glad that you welcome them so warmly.

We are extremely happy to have you with us on this and we vouch to offer the best experience for each and every one of our users. Thank you for your patience and for sticking with us!

Game on,
Your PvPRO Team