Server-Side Anti Cheat

As a CS:GO community we are committed to maintaining a cheat-free environment for our users. In line with the above we recently launched our server side anti-cheat and we are delighted to announce that it has so far banned automatically more than 6.500 users!

How it works:

Our in-house developed anti-cheat detects 3rd party software running concurrently to the steam client and automatically bans the cheaters at the end of the game giving the win to the opposing team.

An initial ban of 720 hours is given until a formal demo review confirms the violation by permanently banning the user.

In addition to automatic bans our proprietary software detects suspicious games and flags users for review.

Additional Info:

  • Average banned account age: 30 Days
  • More than 2 million coins have been recovered!
  • Max ELO: 3,100 points
  • Average number of games played: 25
  • Maximum number of games played: 1,704

Please refrain from seeing yourself on the Hall of Shame list.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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