The most iconic skin of Counter-Strike!

The most famous and expensive weapon in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the AWP | Dragon Lore. We all know and cherish this beautiful skin, but what is the story behind it and why is it so expensive?

Dragon Lore is the only Covert drop of “The Cobblestone Collection” case. The said collection only has 1 Classified and 2 Restricted quality items as well, making it even more difficult to drop the AWP, which is part of why the item is so expensive. The Cobblestone Collection was introduced when the Breakout Operation was launched on July 1st, 2014.

How difficult is it to drop a Dragon Lore?

With a few calculations, the drop chance of Dragon Lore is about 0,0004% from each case, which is already by itself extremely low, but you also need to have the actual case to open, right? To get the case you have to watch a map of Cobblestone being played on a Major tournament, and the chance of getting the drop varies between 1-2%, as it depends on the amount of viewers and the drops that will actually be made.

The price is also affected by the wear of the drop, which is another factor to take into account. Below you can see how common the different wear levels are:

So considering all of these factors you can tell that dropping an AWP | Dragon Lore feels pretty much like winning the lottery!

The Dragon Lore artwork has been immortalised in the Cobblestone map as a wall art, since it has been inevitably connected with it. And for the ones that want to take it a step further, below you can also find the TGA files of the artwork!

The price of the ultimate skin!

To close out, here’s the price fluctuation graph of the most expensive weapon in CS:GO (DLore FN), since it first appeared on the marketplace. Wish you had bought it when it first came out? 😀