New Wingman mode now available!

Need a break from Aim maps? Everybody does… Wingman mode is here to do just that!

What is Wingman?

The Wingman game mode consists of competitive 2v2 matches on maps with one bombsite, in a Bo16 format.The rules are similar to the ranked ones as you start with $800 and gradually earn more money to buy weapons and stuff. The round timer is 1 minute and 30 seconds and friendly fire is off to avoid unnecessary behaviour problems.

The Map Pool


Do I need to download any maps?

No they are already downloaded from your CS:GO client updates.

Where can I play it?

There is a dedicated 2v2 wingman queue in the games section. What’s more we are going to hold Wingman tournaments with weekly grand finals, so stay tuned!

All Wingman games count towards the PvPRO Leagues, so you can collect points with this mode as well!


Play now!